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Easily Send To Your Account or Recipients' Account

You can now easily Send Money or wire Transfer from Abroad to your Account or Recipients’ Account in Nigeria or to any part of the World from your location easily. Also Exchange Dollar, Euro, & Pound Sterling to Naira and Vice-versa. All you need to do is to create an Account with Express Easily life Alias Takecurrencies.

It is simple, fast and free. Once your Account is verified, you can begin your Transactions immediately.

Wire Transfer Easily

Step 1; Choose any payment method and credit Express Easy Life Company.

Step 2: Upload your proof of payment with the account details you want to credit.

Step3; Summit your form.

Your Recipient Gets An Alert

Once We Confirm your Payment, your Account or Recipient Account get an Alert instantly!

Cash Money In Local Currencies

Once a client get an Alert, They can Cash their Money in their local Currency Instantly!

Why Choose Us

Safe And Reliable Transfers

Great Rates And Low Fees

Trusted By Several Millions Of Customers Worldwide

How It Works

Create An Account With Takecurrencies
It is simple, fast and free.

Once Your Account Is Verify, You Can Begin Your Transactions Immediately.

Credit Your Recipient's Account

Pay Securely With Any Transfer Method With a Valid Proof Of Payment.
Enter The Recipient's Bank Details And Upload Your Proof Of payment

Your money is on its way to your beneficiary!

It's All done
We'll process the transaction and email you a receipt.

Registered Users

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Takecurrencies Makes Money Transfer or Sending Money Online An Express Easylife For All, Via Exchanging Dollar, Euro, & Pound Sterling to Naira and Vice-versa All Around The World, A Reality.

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Be Cautious Of Potential Money Transfer Fraud

At Takecurrencies, The Safety And Security Of Your Money Transfer Is Our Top Priority. You Can Find Out More About Potential Scams And How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Fraud By Reading Our Online Guides

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